Social Media for Businesses Done Right: Martell Home Builders

A lot of companies have jumped on the social media bandwagon, but not all of them are doing a good job of it. The good news is, some are using social media in unique, creative and successful ways. One such company is Martell Home Builders.

Martell used to rely on realtors to advance their business, but since they started using social media, they created a direct-to-consumer model and they were able to cut out the middleman.

Their online marketing efforts began with a strategy that primarily used blogging and that focused on meeting their customer’s needs by writing articles such as “14 Must-Have Tools for New Homeowners.” They increased their readership by providing an opportunity for people to subscribe to blog posts by email.

They also placed GPS tracking devices on the vehicles of their contractors so that customers always knew where the contractor was, thus easing the customer’s mind.

To make the home building experience more social, they put up photo galleries of homes that were being built. This allowed homebuyers to watch the progress of the house and also enabled them to share their excitement with friends and relatives. Not only was this pleasing to their clients, it also provided an opportunity to gain social proof and visibility through the photos posted online.

Martell added the Facebook Like box to their website. This widget is updated in real time and pulls content directly from Martell’s Facebook Page every time they have a site visitor. The like box is also a great opportunity for social proof because it shows how many people have liked their page.

One of the greatest things about the Facebook Like box widget is that website visitors can become a fan on Facebook without ever leaving a website! Being able to like a Facebook page without ever leaving a site is a great way to encourage visitors to stay on a site longer.

Providing photos of home while they were being built and allowing customers to know where the contractors were at all times were both creative ways of fostering trust with their clients.

Reasons Why Social Media Is Important Than Ever

In this article, you will come to know reasons why social media is important than ever. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Everybody is using social networking sites

In today’s age, social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life and it influences our daily lives. It plays a big role how people interact with each other and share things. Therefore, there is no chance of slowing down in near future.

2. People like brands

This is a truth that people prefer being part of a business that promotes its brand proactively. Studies have shown that customers belonging to certain fields are more interested investing their money to a business which has active Facebook fan page rather than without. People get a warm and fuzzy feeling when they see a business building a community for them.

3. Community is everything

Everything that we see online is surrounded by the concept of creating a community or a team of cheerleaders that helps to establish a business in the market. People prefer to associate with a special and unique brand and this actually comes from a community. Community strength is very important because this helps to grow a business significantly.

Marketing on social networking sites is considered to be an incredible way that helps to grow a business at a fast pace and thereby establishes a brand in the long run. This social media platform needs passion, consistency and creativity to operate things in the right way. Therefore, if you have not yet entered the field, take as much time as you need to think a plan and start building your own online community. Irrespective of the type of business you have established, social media plays an important role in your marketing and advertising strategy. Every business should develop social networking strategies as these help to increase the leads to your website within a short period of time.

4. Develop a base of potential customers

As per statistics, it has been observed that one person in every five minutes spends time on various social media sites. The young generation communicates mostly via social networks and the older generation is also getting involved with this new technology gradually. With sharing capabilities and instant access, social media improves traffic and sales by reaching more people and making contacts faster. This helps to establish a strong relationship with potential customers as you can directly communicate with them, comment and follow their posts and offer them discount coupons on your services and products.

5. Always keep you ahead of your competitors

Find out your business competitors on the web and discover whether they have an effective presence on social networking sites or not. Check out various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook to discover how many followers they have or how many people have liked their business page. If you discover that other competitors are proactively engaged in social advertising, then it is high time for you to get active in social media. You will never want that your competitors leave you behind especially in the field of promotion of business. A simple Twitter and a Facebook page attract thousands of people to a website without even spending a dime.

It is always useful to stay updated with the latest advertising and marketing techniques. Today people like communicating over social networking sites as they come to know about new trends and ideas. Through this platform, business owners will get a medium to communicate with a large number of people using Twitter, Facebook and so on. Therefore, it can be concluded that social media is no longer a wave that will pass away with time. It is here in today’s internet savvy world and it will remain the same in coming days.

Real Estate Professional’s Guide To Work-Life Balance

Do you feel like you’re on the verge of burning out? Does it seem like you’ve been missing out on more and more events in your personal life? Then you might just need to reconsider the structure of your life. Here’s some guidance that will help you care for your welfare as you climb up the corporate ladder.

1. Be a smart-worker rather than a hard-worker

People often make a misconception of using the hours of their work as the basis of their productivity. Instead of prolonging your hours in the office and restricting yourself of time in the sack, why don’t you practice proper prioritization? By avoiding tasks that make you less productive, you’ll be able to accomplish more duties on time and smaller possibilities of overtime work.

2. Avoid bringing work to your home

Learn to leave your work where it belongs – in your office desk. If you think you can’t finish your task in the office, bringing it back home won’t do you any good. Physically leaving your tasks in the workplace and fretting over it in social media later doesn’t count either. Today’s technology makes it possible for people to multitask and access their work even when they are not in the office. So, by the end of the day, make sure to put an end to your working hours and unplug from any form of telecommuting. Enjoy a relaxing evening at home and save yourself unnecessary stress.

3. Relax, ponder, and exercise

Despite being one of life’s necessities, exercising is usually the first thing to go when our schedules starts to fill up. While some may see exercising as a tiring chore to add to their already chaotic agenda, it can actually help you reduce stress, run beneficial endorphins through your system, and put you into a meditative state. If you have limited time to spare, you can also opt for low-impact workouts, including running, yoga, and meditation.

4. Learn to say no

If your calendar has become overloaded due to insane and ceaseless demands from your superior, then it is probably time to harness the power of saying no. It may be hard for some people to refuse if they are asked to do an additional task, so they usually end up with more than what they can handle. Take the time to come up with a decision and when you’ve decided to refuse, make sure to say it in the politest way possible.

5. Keep ground rules

By the end of the day, all these advices are all good-for-nothing if you don’t act on them. As a thriving real estate professional, you have to decide on this new way of life and keep doing it until it becomes a pattern. If you think you need the help of others in order to find your new work-life balance, then so be it.

Ways to Sell Land Online

Selling a lot or a parcel of land is very different from selling a house. Principles might be similar in some ways, but there are still notable differences which make the endeavor challenging. The advances in technology that are available these days make the selling easier, specifically when done online.

The power of social media

You may have seen how the so-called sociopreneurs are generating sales through their social media accounts. Why not follow their footprints and sell your land online too. Simple posts on your Facebook timeline can pretty much do a big difference. Expect comments and private messages to follow. The same goes with Twitter, Instagram, and other social media tools as well.

The good thing with them is that you can use them 24/7 not only on your computers but also on your smartphones. Their portability is an advantage that generally gives you a greater monitoring ability of how your land for sale is doing.

Utilize apps

Tap the interest of potential buyers through various apps that are available for smartphones and other mobile operating systems. Many users will see what you are selling. These apps are specially designed to showcase the site, land area, and price. Pictures are necessary to give users a glimpse of the land being offered.

Post in online selling sites and groups

The internet never fails to bring forth many tools which can be used for various purposes. There are many online selling sites which accept posts from users to be seen by other users. Typically, you will be asked to be a member before you can post what you are selling. The same goes for groups, where there are specific sections for each kind of stuff being sold by members. Just take a look

on specific sections to where you can post the land you are selling. Be aware of the rules and regulations governing such sites. Typically, there are sticky posts that remind user-members of the do’s and dont’s to observe within the groups.

Selling a parcel of land is unlike selling other commodities. You are selling a tangible item but the selling points lie on the location, the size, and the price. You need to capitalize on these strengths to make an attractive offer to buyers who will typically be developers and investors. But there are also chances that you might also attract buyers who are looking for ideal locations to where they can build their dream homes.

Essentials Of Marketing, Sales, And Selling Real Estate

Some people, appear to believe, the only thing needed, to successfully, sell one’s home, is making the decision to do so, and, offering it, for sale, advertising it, etc. Statistics indicate, in the vast number of instances, when homeowners use a professional, to sell their houses, they benefit, by receiving, a higher selling price, with less stress/ hassle/ inconvenience, and doing so, in a shorter period of time. Professional real estate agents understand the market, nuances, methods/ techniques, and serve, and represent their client’s best interests. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some of the essentials of marketing, sales, and selling real estate.

1. Marketing: The process should begin, with client, and agent, being on the same – page, and agreeing to how to proceed, to achieve the homeowner’s objectives and priorities. One should hire an agent, who perceives and conceives of, creates, develops, explains thoroughly (to client’s satisfaction, and understanding), the components of his marketing plan, and the reasoning, and rationale, which makes it make sense, and achieve the primary objectives. Marketing must include: determining the home’s niche; prioritizing approaches; determining the best options and alternatives, etc; considering media choices, and deciding, which ones, might make the most sense, for the particular property; a marketing budget; and; fully explaining the reasoning behind the listing price, and the essentials of making price adjustments, if necessary.

2. Sales: Many, falsely, believe, sales, and selling, are the same! Sales, is a process, and approach, using the tried – and – proven approaches, without thinking, outside – the – box! It means creating a plan of action, in order to maximize the results, which a client, might achieve, and receive.

3. Selling: Unlike sales, selling is a consistent, proactive, activity, which emphasizes, closing – the – deal! It is, when performed properly, and effectively, both, an art, and a science. The art is the technique, which includes: attracting buyers, and other agents; articulating an inspiring, motivating, message, which is responsive to the potential buyers needs, goals, and priorities; matching up, the right buyer, with the right house; asking for the sale; and closing the deal. Obviously, this is not, a one – step, simplistic activity, but, rather, a well – considered, effectively trained, experience – focused, tried – and – proven, method, for achieving the goal!

If you hope to sell your home, begin by hiring the right, real estate agent, for you, who will, be able to, professionally, handle the marketing, sales, and selling of your house. Take the time, to interview agents, and hire the one, who is best for you!